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UWA Mission Statement

UWA Philosophy/Windrider's Creed

UWA Officers-Volunteers-Meeting Minutes

Brief History of the UWA


  • Preserve access to quality, public sailing/riding sites
  • Promote stoke for windsurfing, kiteboarding, and snowkiting locally through events, video adrenalin, camaraderie, and uninhibited web posting
  • Help newcomers get started, safely
  • Keep the windriding community connected and safe mainly with this web site
  • Save Rush!

Philosophy/Windrider's Creed

Windsport as well as physical exercise in general seems to be a zen/spiritual experience for most people. This is apparent as you listen to people talk about their last great windriding experience or look in their eyes as they come off of the snow or water after a sweet session. The Utah Windrider's Association would like to be a shining example to all windriding communities that any kind of maligned negativity whether political or personal, or elitism is not welcome or necessary within its realms.

Because of this spiritual nature, we would love to see Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Snowkiting and all other windsports keep that mystical edge by maintaining a positive vibe that the wind brings...

We believe that our individual windsports seed the growth and existence of each other and there should be an unsolicited mutual respect amongst us. That respect should transcend age and ability.

Good natured competition that allows one to push the envelope of their windsport, safely... Bring it on! But don't kite or sail over your head... Be smart... Talk to those experienced at a location before you try it... Learn the rules of EVERY location you kite or sail so that you don't ruin it for the rest of us.

The Boards/Elected Officers

  • Rick Heninger - Board Member... Website Board Cell 801-635-6699 email
  • Josh Shirley - Windsurf Board
  • Verne Stokes - Membership chair
  • Sarah Ranes - Windsurfing Activities Chair
  • Craig Goudie - Windsurfing Master Weather Kingpin
  • Rob Umstead... Current Kiteboarding info Contact

Recognized Volunteers

  • Craig Goudie- Utah Weather Guru and Windsurfing Addict- Has given the Utah Windsurfers Association, which became the Utah Windriders Association circa 2005 helpful weather guidance year after year.
  • Kenny Farnsworth- Utah's Kiteboarding/Snowkiting Session getter Extraordinaire-In 2008 volunteered to forecast the weather during the winter months for snow riding when Craig takes a break
  • Josh Gubler- Website Maintenance.
  • Mark Johnson & Fred Gruendell - Historian/Photographer

Meeting Minutes

Brief History of the UWA

  • Presidents of the UWA have been: Dimitri Milovich (Founder) 19??-19?? - Grant McAllister 19??-2002 - Mike Rossberg 2002-2007 ~ Rick Heninger 2007-2013