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7/11 Craig's Where to Ride

PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:40 am
by Craig Goudie
Grantsville with 6M sails until 11 AM again today, then DC with 7/14 from 1 until 5.
Sulfur Creek with 7M sails Noon until 5. There's also an Aviation Weather spike for SW 6/12M winds at UL
around 6PM for an hour. I don't put much faith in that, but if anybody rides it could you please post
here so that I can get a data point about that.

Tomorrow, pretty cloudy, but if the sun breaks out there will be Grantsville 7M sails AM, DC 7/14 PM,
and Sulfur 8M sails PM.

Saturday looks just like Friday, so wait for that sunshine and if it happens, go get some rideable wind.