7/23, G'ville, 5M wing, 1800 cm^2 foil, 155L inflatable

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04/15 Ut Lake SSB, 16M kite, 136
08/23 Sulphur Crick, 3.7M/78L

7/23, G'ville, 5M wing, 1800 cm^2 foil, 155L inflatable

Postby Weems » Sun Jul 23, 2023 5:39 pm

Got to the promise land right before 8am to find a not-so-promising wind, maybe 7 to 9 mph with a few puffs in between. I pumped up my 7m and got on the water around 8:20, hoping for some build-up. Sure enough, within 10 mins of poking around, it picked up enough to pump on foil. After getting a few laps in, the wind picked up even more, and handling the 7m started to get squirrelly so decided it was time to switch to the 5m. From 9 to 11:30, the wind was solid enough for a great time with the 5m.

Amongst the fishermen, there were only a few wingers out there. Two folks from PC said it was their first time at G'ville and they typically ride DC. I caught up with the two buddies before they took off, and they said that might have been the best session they have ever had. Looks like G'ville acquired some new converts.

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