8/1/23, Grants, 7.0/112L

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04/15 Ut Lake SSB, 16M kite, 136
08/23 Sulphur Crick, 3.7M/78L

8/1/23, Grants, 7.0/112L

Postby kenonstott » Wed Aug 02, 2023 9:19 am

Day started totally cloudy and pretty up and down plus gusty. But the clouds slowly pulled back to the gap and it was time for some great clouds-in-the-hole sailing. Pretty gusty for morning sailing for Grants but still a ton of fun. John F, Jersey John, Patrick and I made up the windsurfing group with even more wingers upwind of us. I think Patrick screaming around on his 7.2 has made the wingers want to put some distance between the 2 groups. Jersey John was still getting good rides when I left at 11:15. Another great morning. Started August with a bang!
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