8/29 DCRB, 7M/135L

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04/15 Ut Lake SSB, 16M kite, 136
08/23 Sulphur Crick, 3.7M/78L

8/29 DCRB, 7M/135L

Postby JimSouthwick » Tue Aug 29, 2023 6:52 pm

The quakies started quaking about 1:30. As I drove by Barbed Wire about 2:15, there were about a million kites sitting on the grass, but very few in the air. When I arrived at Rainbow, it was glassy in close, but there was some riffling down toward the dam. Got on the water about 3 and slogged for the first 10 minutes, but then some very decent gusts started rolling through. About 45 minutes of good planing conditions.

The water level is slowly dropping but remains amazingly high for this time of year. At Rainbow, at least, the dreaded green slime that was wrapping itself around anything that went into the water (legs, sail rigs, foil masts, anchor lines, etc.) lies rotting on the shoreline but has disappeared from the water. Thank goodness!

All in all, pretty good conditions for such a hot day.
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