Everything Must Go

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Everything Must Go

Postby TripHouk » Mon May 06, 2019 8:28 pm

:oo Because we're no longer sailing locally and the Gorge is out for future sailing (due to judi's new arm) we've decided to let it all go: Trailer fully equipped with sleves for sails, shelf for booms,compartment for gear and covered with a thousand cool stickers.
Six boards: 73 Bonzer, 79 Bonzer, 83, Bic, 93 Bic, Techno 125, Techno 135, 4 Chinook Booms with adjustable Harness Lines, 6 Carbon masts from 400 to 490, Sails from 2.8M to 9.0M smaller sails are ezzy larger 6.5 up are North. more fins than I can count weed slotted etc plus extra gizmos: cranks etc, etc. I don't want to dicker so no piece meal haggling. Roll it away!
Sad to see it go but it hasn't been on the road for 2 years! Make me an offer....Trip and Judi (801) 545-9989 or email me at rthouk@comcast.net
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