Roberts Formula R; Sailworks NX 9.8

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Roberts Formula R; Sailworks NX 9.8

Postby DimitriMilovich » Mon Jul 19, 2021 3:08 pm

OK, ambitious kids, here's a rare, light, and very fast set up, all items in excellent condition:

-Roberts Formula R board, complete with center chicken strap, Deboichet 68/6+ fin (Deep Tuttle) AND DaKine Formula bag(!)

-Sailworks NX 9.8, with 100% carbon 520 mast and carbon boom with adjustable outhaul.
-Board, fin, bag: $1000.
-Sail and rig: $750

$1500 takes it all. Dimitri: 8oh1 2oh1 1284.

I'm too slow and stiff to handle the power this combo generates even in 12-15 mph, so my formula days are behind me. It's possible, and perhaps likely given the Deep Tuttle box, that this board would work for foiling if you moved the straps inboard, but I've not tried it. Foiling is still a ways off for me - too much gear already...

As much as I enjoy seeing this beauty on my garage wall, it really wants to be on the water ripping it up. So I hope this goes to a deserving home -- you will enjoy it!
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