Just another day in the Gorge

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Just another day in the Gorge

Postby Craig Goudie » Sun Sep 18, 2005 4:20 pm

I'm on my way back to the condo, from Safeway, with groceries. When Eric
Moltstat, George McLean, and Bart Vervloet all say it's going to be windless, you
do those trivial things like gather sustenance. So, I decide to swing
by Bart's shop to say hi.

As I drive by, there's an old plastic Tiga trifin outside the front door with
a sign on it that says "WILL TRADE FOR FOOD". With a chuckle,
I pull into the Windermere Real Estate parking lot and grab a couple of cold
Granny Smiths from the grocery bag.

“ Hi Bart”, I hand him one of the apples. For a second, he’s confused,
then he laughs and says, “hey it’s even cold”. We bite in. It’s a fine
sunny morning and a tasty cold apple.

“I guess the board is yours”, he says. “ I already have too many boards ,”
says I. This launches into a brief conversation about how there’s nothing
wrong with a plastic board and how this old design is strikingly similar to
a modern Open Ocean, Realwind, or HiTech trifin (I own one of the HiTechs).
A motorcycle pulls to the curb next to us.

It’s a wild looking bike with faring that looks like fins and gills on a piranha.
The rider looks like he’s been dipped in leather, except for the black helmet and
face plate, which, when removed, reveals an equally wild curly black mane.
His name is also Craig, and the discussion turns to sport bikes, twisty back roads,
and high speed slides, of which this guy has obviously seen a few. I like him
immediately. Then a Harley pulls up.

“Hi Moe”, says Bart, and then turning to me, “Craig, you know Moe Dixon, don’t you?”
I notice my jaw has popped open so I close it. A man my age should be cooler about
meeting someone whose music has come so close to his core. I remember thinking
I’d never hear Moe play live with the Ultronz, and then just happening into it at the
Windance 20 year anniversary (a whole other story in itself). I try not to appear awestruck as Bart introduces us, but it turns out Moe is just a regular guy who
writes and plays music for a living (a little like Joe Walsh).

A discussion ensues about protecting his hands, and head, and therefore his livelihood,
because Moe isn’t wearing any protection today. This turns to a discussion of getting
Warren Miller productions to pay for all his contract work, and my mouth pops open
again, but Moe is totally guileless, and I’m quickly made comfortable in the conversation.
A customer comes into the shop.

We three loiterers bid Bart a quick farewell as he tends his business. I wander back to
my van bathed in the experience. Yes, it’s just a regular no wind day…………in Hood River.
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Postby RickHeninger » Mon Sep 19, 2005 2:08 pm

This is going to be good Craig... The forum topic I mean... Not necessarily my post here... Although, I could almost smell the air drifting down from the Walmart parking lot as I was reading... I can't explain the smell... I by no means am implying that it's a negative one, to the contrary, of course. I didn't know it til' now, but I relate something "olfactorally" to Hood River... Especially the Walmart and Safeway parking lots. There is a fragrance to every location in the world, the one in Hood River triggers some Pavlovian salivary rigging response. Haven't they found smell to be the sense most closely related to memory?

Ah, we now have a place to sloppily drool and not feel that we're tainting our muchly cherished Utah rides. I think this is a great idea Craig.

I did, however, think that Moe was going to end up with the Tiga, riding off into the sunset with it strapped to his guitar on his back on his motorcycle!!!???
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Postby RickHeninger » Tue Oct 18, 2005 5:39 pm

Just the "off season"

... August 30th. 2006 edit...

In the end, I just can't resist posting this sample of Moe Dixon for you Craig... There aren't enough people out there who understand really the extensive collection and knowledge of great tunes that you have...

Also, I didn't know that you can't make love on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle!!! ;)) Hmm... I guess that'd apply to some of our more delicate boards too!!!


(Right click and save the sample on the top of the list by Moe Dixon)
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