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6/12 Craig's Where to Ride

PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:42 am
by Craig Goudie
Gusty South winds that honk hard today. Grantsville with AM 6M sails that lull at noon and them come back with
a 4.5 gusty vengeance around 2PM. Yuba with 6/12M conditions from now until about 2. UL with extremely gusty
SW 5/10M conditions from now until about 4PM. Willard and Yuba with 6/12M conditions starting around noon that
ramp up around 2PM to 5/10. Rush with trainer Kite material Noon until 6. DC and Jordanelle with 6/12M extremely gusty conditions 11 until 6. Sulfur with SW 4.0 sail conditions Noon until 5. Please be careful out there, winds could
get extremely strong (like 43MPH) for minutes at a time.

Tomorrow, Sulfur will be the call for sweet 4.5 Sail conditions PM. Other lakes will have erratic nearly
unridable winds,that dwindle quickly PM so stay tuned.

By Weds it looks pretty windless, maybe a chance for a big gear UL dinner sesh.