Fri Feb 8 Strawberry River, Coop, Marina

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Fri Feb 8 Strawberry River, Coop, Marina

Postby ChrisPSherwin » Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:23 am

It's still pretty clear at my house, and what I see on the radar doesn't have me concerned about visibility for at least four hours. Winds are se 9-16 at the summit, so I think it could be much more windy at the river. Should be windy somewhere at Strawberry all day. Billy would probably go to the marina first. I think I'll try to go way up the valley at the River first, then Chicken / Coop creek then maybe the marina. Should be fun day of goofing around and exploring.

I think the snow will generally be crappy, but should make for an easy exit if wind conditions get weird. Hoping to be there by 1045

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