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New From Boston MA

Postby Michael Lee 1278 » Mon Oct 22, 2012 4:56 pm

So I came out here a couple months ago and decided I have to live here. The water kite season is slowly winding down but Craig's forecasts pretty much are showing kite-able conditions most of the week. I've only been once so far due to conditions beyond my control (Work-travel and getting sick). However when I went out I only saw 1 person. I was wondering where everyone has been going? I refuse to kite by myself especially in areas that I'm unfamiliar with so was hoping I could link up with some people to go with. If anyone is looking for some company going out kiting let me know, I work from home so am pretty flexible for times. I live up by parley's way so can even carpool if needed.

PS: I'd consider myself still a beginner mainly cuz I still can't land all my jumps.. ARG! I'm actually intermediate level. Only need help launching / landing as I'm not really comfortable self launching. If I gotta land alone I'll bring'er down in the water to be safe.

Hopefully I'll see some of you guys out there on the water at least a few times before the snow starts... Now that's going to be an adventure.. SNOWKITING OMG!

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Re: New From Boston MA

Postby Kenny » Wed Oct 31, 2012 3:55 pm


Welcome to Utah. There are a number of seasoned riders in the Park City/Heber area. I am sure that you will find plenty of people to hook up with and ride. It is smart to ride with others and I am glad that you are looking for contacts. I suggest that you post in the main forum that you are looking for contacts as sometimes we forget to check this board.

Snowkiting is simply amazing and even if you never bothered to ever kite on the water ever again, it was worth your while to move to Utah for the snowkiting.

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