4/16 Pelican Point 4.2 and 75L

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04/15 Ut Lake SSB, 16M kite, 136
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4/16 Pelican Point 4.2 and 75L

Postby Sarah Ranes » Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:57 am

First day out for myself and Linda, waahoooooo! What a fun day it turned out to be, with perfect 4.2 conditions for as long as I could hang on. It took us a little time to brave the cold, but we finally rigged, and put on a lot of rubber suit blubber and headed out. We discovered, OMG I still remember how to sail a little board. It sure put a big smile on my face, as soon as I stepped on, hooked in and planned off. Of course the next thought was....I hope I remember how to make a turn and stay on the board.... Oh boy....success and more smiles.
So happy to see a few rippers on the water when we arrived. Eric, John, Ken, those guys are amazing, and allowed us to rig the right sail and board. Duane, Josh and a few others showed up to enjoy the cold wind. I was amazed that Duane sailed quite a bit with no gloves at all. Most of us sailing had some fairly warm gloves or mitts on. I don't think I could have sailed 10 minutes with out them.
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