7-17-2018 - Sulphur Creek - 5.9m

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7-17-2018 - Sulphur Creek - 5.9m

Postby Josh Shirley » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:29 pm

Sulphur Creek looked like the only wind option for some time, so I took a chance on that opportunity.
It paid off.
The whole lake was white capping, but at 7200 feet the wind was pretty hollow.
I wanted to get some more time on my foil.
That thing still scares me. Every each I keep thinking this is going to hurt.
As usually Sulphur had its gust and go action going on - 4.8m gusts with 10m lulls.

I rigged a 5.9m and a starboard foil.
My first hour of practice had many full height crashes.
I crash a lot in my normal sailing so crashing a foil should be easy, right? ugh.

Because it was so gusty I was able to learn how to pump or jump it up during the lulls.
I look forward to working on that some more.
I could use smaller sails with that skill.

I am starting to realize that to be successful I need to be relaxed and calm.
By the end of my session, I started getting some shore to short flights.
It is really satisfying to fly over a long distance without the board slapping the water.

Maybe after a few more sessions, I can start focusing on full flight jibes.

Possible Grantsville later this week.
Looking forward to getting on the water again.
FYI the water at Sulphur is warm.

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