Grantsville Reservoir Anemometer Down for Good?

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Grantsville Reservoir Anemometer Down for Good?

Postby mmontmorency » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:40 am

Since the Grantsville anemometer has been down for some time I sent and e-mail to the MesoWest folks to get an idea of when it would be back up. Unfortunately it appears that Tooele County does not have the funding to keep the Grantsville station and several others up and running. I believe these were initially installed as part of the Chemical Stockpile and Emergency Preparedness Program that dealt with the incineration of chemical weapons at the Tooele army depot. That program is long since completed.

At least we can depend on the great forecasts from Utah Windriders!! Looks like next Wednesday may see a good south flow at Grantsville, anyone headed out?
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