It should be about the Riding.

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It should be about the Riding.

Postby PeterMiller » Mon May 06, 2013 2:35 pm

First of all I would like to say that I treat people with courtesy respect dignity and integrity.
My mother has brain cancer and 2 week's ago went under gamma knife surgery. I did not bail from the UWA
a new board has taken over I would wish them the best. I wrote Marty let me know who you put over the Summer Games
and I will help.
I need to focus on the time with my mother. Not deal with the ridicule and belittlement of some in this organization.
My belief with the beach is that having fun events is the best protection we could ever do for the community.
Show the magic of our sport.
I can promise you this durring my 2 year time as Kiteboarding Chair that I never told anyone to shut the F up.
The UWA has no place for conduct of this lessor of a people actions. During my time in dealing with the summer games
it improved from the 1st year of having 6 compeditors to the 2nd year of having 12 compeditors. That i'm proud of!!! 100% increase
Here is a copy right from the UWA -Peter Miller - VP, Kiteboarding Chairman/Activities chair
In my second year Billy and Marty were elected to deal with issues effecting the kite community for access issues.
My belief was that Video Night should have been a celebration:
I had video footage of Billy Bordy Todd Jaques Jim Hornbeck Jake Buzainis Andy Blunt Tyler Lyon Chris and Jessica Gain, Kevin Mower, Doug Benson,
Jason Klien, Ryan Allen, Brad and Trihna Sax, Jason Morton, Mark Johnson, Trevor Morrel and myself
and most important of all Chris Shewin kiter of the year almost forgot Kenny Farnsworth who won the award for Biggest air.
I was only give 10 minutes of a years worth of work with video shown on Video Night.
You see I wanted to change Video night to Video Night and Awards. I thought that recognizing our people was my chair
UWA -Peter Miller - VP, Kiteboarding Chairman/Activities chair
My company for the last 3 years gave away plaques estimates are that I gave away about $300 worth of plaques per year.
That about $900 total
You will know people by their workings.

I would ask that UWA members adopt a conduct code.

Trust me no one wants to live in a city or organization of fear

I will pick a city or organization of hope any day over fear.
I hope I showed some class and style durring my time as Kiteboarding VP
It should be about the Riding.
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Re: It should be about the Riding.

Postby bordy » Mon May 06, 2013 5:42 pm

Peter thank you for you time and service.

I am of course wishing your mother the best. We have amazing medicine now days.

Because of your failure to respond or react to my private message to you the morning after the meeting. I will express my feelings after your well written post, It is nice for me to hear your feeling and thoughts since you have been unavailable.

I hope you understand that the your performance as president was tactful, This is not about your candor, Your persona on the Beach is wonderful, and in the water you bond with all the kiters.

As a community we went to a different government to handle our changing needs, and experiences from the past two years warranted a more diversified style of government. Something we thought, would happen a year ago, so you got a Bonus year to lead us all!

I have been dealing with the aftermath of being Drunk at a meeting for several days now. And on the agenda we had set aside a time to thank you publicly for your time I had a nice little speech prepared. I wish I could have given it, I thought you deserving of nice send off as the last solo leader of the kite community.

Of coarse after the shock of the "surprise" legislation, and my obvious disprove. Rick and I bantering in in language we are comfortable with while speaking with one another that leeched into the public forum.

Marty, the board and I didn't have a chance to transition in a proper way.

I look forward to your help at the summer games, but just a heads up I don't have any extra medals to spare so we may have to cut some of the contest back. :lol:

If any one saw the garble from before, I tryed the voice to post thing on my phone and it didn't work, I have tried to walk away from the computer, so as to step back and take a breath from UWA biznes and the heated discussing my Drunken night of hooliganism has cuased I really need a break from this... and

I saw Peter post and again wanted to be the first to say thanks for you positive vibe and stoke on the beach, If you were not there the show would not be as good.

I do have a Infantry mans mouth, and we were at a bar.

If we had a code of conduct for the UWA that place would be empty.....I would not want to lose any more members I am fighting for the great ones we have to stay.
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Re: It should be about the Riding.

Postby RickHeninger » Mon May 06, 2013 6:50 pm


All I personally have experienced with you has been positive. You have treated me with all the attributes you described.

I just know you as a super nice person who put a lot of effort into the UWA. Thank You for working with me. It was a pleasure.

I am dealing with a neighbor of mine who has stage three bladder cancer and no familial suppprt. So he has a couple neighbors and very few others to help... I was slammed last week and also trying to help him with his household, pets, legal, as he had his bladder removed last monday, etc I have watched this process and it's beyond description. I am so sorry your mother is having to deal with all this. I am sorry that you are as well and regret that you had to have this apparent slap in the face at the same time. I'm sure nobody feels good about that! I know this.

You'll be in our prayers....

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Re: It should be about the Riding.

Postby Kenny » Mon May 06, 2013 10:21 pm


I was not at the meeting and I have only heard and read about the fallout. I was asked to be a member of the kiting committee about a week ago. I am sorry to hear that the way things went down at the meeting that you were not given the thanks and appreciation that you richly deserve. I think you have done much for the kiting community during your tenure as President. A big thanks from me and the rest of the crew for your contribution the past 2 years and I know that you will continue to give.

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Re: It should be about the Riding.

Postby Ralph Morrison » Tue May 07, 2013 12:42 pm

Peter, your heart is bigger than anybody I know and as far as I could see, you had nothing but good intentions. You can hold your head up high.
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Re: It should be about the Riding.

Postby John Guay » Tue May 07, 2013 1:10 pm

Hi Peter,
like Kenny I wasn't able to attend the meeting. I was also asked to be on the kite committee and I am happy to help out. Thanks for all your hard work and the effort that you put into our community. I really appreciate your encouragement, tips and just being being a good kite buddy. I also wish you and your Mom all the best. Family always comes first!
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