Snowkiting at Powder Mt.????

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Snowkiting at Powder Mt.????

Postby Robbie Flatt » Sat Dec 21, 2013 4:03 pm

Looks like Pow Mow has the snow. Anyone know what the beta is on snowkiting at Powder Mt.? Looks like you have to buy a $20 kite pass which gives you one ride on hidden valley lift. Do you ride the lift with all your gear to get to the kite area? How much area is there to use? What wind works up there? Thanks for the help.
Robbie Flatt
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Re: Snowkiting at Powder Mt.????

Postby Marty Lowe » Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:22 am

I have not been there for a few years but it is mostly an area about the size of Bosco hill at Skyline.
Works best on a south wind, visibility can be a big issue.
The riding area is not right by the hidden lake parking lot,
you need to get to the ridge, you can kite there if the wind is strong,
or ski/ride down a ways and walk up the cat track a bit to the wind,
or ride the rope tow, to the radio towers area.
Is it worth the $20 ????
not if the wind starts at 1:00 and they clear the hill at 3:00 ish.

Brian Fox, Augie, chime in, I know you guys kite there, and will have more updated info.
Maybe I have old info.
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Re: Snowkiting at Powder Mt.????

Postby Augie » Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:04 pm

I have only been up once 2 days ago and did not attempt to kiteski. The area still looks a little brushy although you could probably pull it off. I am not sure about the kite pass since I got a great deal on a season pass. $20 is what is was previously but there is new management up there now so who knows. Your kitepass allows you to ride the Sunrise poma tow to the kite area and one ride out on Hidden Lake lift after you ski back into the ski area. If the wind is right then you can kite back to your car faster though. West to South wind works best. Look for pre frontal winds since they usually arrive with S or SW winds ahead of a storm. The area is small compared to Skyline but it is close and gets early and late snowfall.
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