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Hello Utah Kiters & Windsurfers

Postby rickhalverson » Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:58 pm

Hello UWA Forum members,

I want to take this opportunity to let all of you know about the US Kiteboarder Association (USKA) which was recently formed.

The USKA is a national organization of RIDERS from the US and Canada. We are a little different from other kiteboarding associations in that our primary focus is on growing the sport, saving kiters money, and promoting kiteboarding travel/vacations.

These goals go hand and hand. Creating deals and reducing kiteboarding costs helps USKA get more people to try the sport. Many potential kiters in the US live in wind poor areas of the country and vacation kiteboarding is their only option. We partner with kite brands, retailers, kite schools, and resorts/hotels to create an online “Costco-style” buying club for our members. Our membership card serves as a discount card.

Here’s an example, USKA has created a partnership with a new kiteboarding school and 3 of the largest hotels in South Padre Island (SPI), Texas to create great deals on hotel rooms this Fall/Winter for existing kiters and a deal on beginner kiteboarding lessons, which are FREE for new kiters who stay at these hotels (this deal is limited to 200 people).

Free beginner kiteboarding lessons in SPI is an ideal way for Utah newbies to try out the sport of kiteboarding. Reduced SPI room rates also makes for a great Fall/Winter vacation for existing Utah kiters.

To create deals USKA simply asks kiteboarding manufactures, retailers, schools, resorts/hotels, and others if they want to offer USKA members a discount. If they do, then we add them to our buying club. It’s that simple. The more USKA membership grows the better deals we can get.

USKA does other things too but growing the sport, saving riders money, and promoting vacation kiting is our core focus.

Please check out our website: http://www.USKiteboarderAssociation.com, and our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/uskiteboarderassociation and tell other kiters and those who may be interested in trying the sport about the US Kiteboarding Association.


Rick Halverson
US Kiteboarder Association
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