Gorge - Roosevelt Park News - not so good.

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Gorge - Roosevelt Park News - not so good.

Postby Sarah Ranes » Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:13 am

This was sent to me by Rob Bob - Not so good news about Roosevelt Park, that there is no money to fund it this year. It is such a great place to sail and camp.

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Re: Gorge - Roosevelt Park News - not so good.

Postby rickhalverson » Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:38 pm

After learning about the potable water being shut off in 2014, I called the Army Corps person who is responsible for maintaining Roosevelt Park. She said that other than the fact that the bathroom will be closed and there will be no campground host this year, the park lawn will still be watered and should remain like is has been.

Roosevelt happens to be the local riding spot of my kiting crew in the Tri-Cities, WA (http://uskiteboarderassociation.com/?page_id=126) and we plan to work with the Corps to find a solution to this problem and to do some Roosevelt Park service projects. We are trying to workout getting a key to the restroom building in order to use it as a changing room for our crew whenever we're down there. I'll let you know if that happens. If so, UT kiters/windsurfers can contact one of us and if we are at Roosevelt when you are there, then we can let you use the restroom for changing.

On separate note for Roosevelt kiteboarders, the trees growing on the jetty have been cut down. Looks like the work of some benevolent vandals since the Corps said they did not do it. Anyway, the airflow should be much better this year for launching and landing on the kiteboarder's side (leeward) of the jetty. I'll be there tomorrow to kite and clean up. I can post a couple of pictures of the jetty if anyone is interested.

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