Roosevelt Almost Burned

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Roosevelt Almost Burned

Postby kenonstott » Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:33 pm

Last year we almost lost Roosevelt to the Confederated Tribes and this year a fire almost burned it to the ground. They even had to evacuate the town. From the Oregon side of the river we could tell it was a huge fire. Thankfully, the lack of singed trees indicates the town and the sailpark were spared. The year before last, I witnessed separate fires on both sides of the river as they almost got Doug’s and Rowena. Thankfully, both of them were spared too. Still, there are lots of dead trees around the town of Rowena indicating how close the fire got. I watched 6 sailors sailing Rowena with the fire on the hill behind them. I bragged to Penny I skipped the opportunity and she pointed out she has a movie of me at UL MM19 with a fire roaring behind me and the helicopter dipping water out of UL 200 yards from me. I am getting wiser I hope. PS; The water in the Columbia is the lowest and warmest I can remember.
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