Yuba = Mona

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Yuba = Mona

Postby witt » Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:31 pm

My wife and I got the camp trailer out of the canyon and down to Nephi where we store it for the winter. We camped at Yuba the last two nights. The park ranger told us that the west beach will be open for a couple of more weeks. After that you could go to Oasis campground(on the I--15 side)and drive down to the water for good places to launch from.When we drove past Mona I was surprised to see it all but empty,as in not usable for sailing or even kites. Its snowing lightly in Silver Fork.Our house is all ready for winter but I'm not. Take care everyone and have a great winter. Maybe it will snow this year. Tom Wittke.
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