Grantsville down, Camping ban, trashed

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Grantsville down, Camping ban, trashed

Postby kenonstott » Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:33 pm

1st time to Grants since early July. It is at 4986', 37' down form its high mark this year and already 4' lower than last fall (got the reading while I was making a tack by the level but a little dicey to get that close to the rocks). There are 11 new signs banning camping by the rail along the lake. Most UWA members will consider this good news but Penny and I have had some great camping trips over there. However it will be easier to get to the lake without the line of motor homes and the ban should reduce the trash and the dog poop. I filled up a trashbag in just 8 posts each direction from the van. Also found a nice shirt, pajamas and a pair of shoes. The morning thermals that Grants is famous for seem to be dyeing as the GSL drops. Pray for rain and a good winter.
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