Where to Ride 7/1-7/6

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Where to Ride 7/1-7/6

Postby Craig Goudie » Tue Jul 01, 2008 9:32 am

I'll be joining the Rats in HR for the next week. If I get a connection, I'll post, but the
extended outlook for Utah looks pretty darned windless, so maybe you should join us up there.

The extended forecast is pretty much HOT and WINDLESS.

Today, best bet is Sulfur Creek for PM 8.5. T showers will work in there and might
make the afternoon wind even gustier than it's likely to be.

Tomorrow (7/2) looks worse, but there might be a slim chance for some late afternoon
North wind mud boarding at Rush on 18M Kites. This is the time of year for those
pesky afternoon T-Storms, so be very careful and keep an eye on the horizon. Looking at
the graph from Penny's yesterday it looks like there was a burst wind through there that went from near
zero to 30 and back to 0 in about 30 Minutes.

Thursday (7/3) looks totally windless, unless you get one of those 30 Minute bursts from a T-head
and that could happen anywhere.

Friday (7/4) looks windless around here with highs in the near 100 degree range. Jason was asking about Bear
Lake, American Falls, and Mohave. Mohave looks like 109 degrees and none too windy. Best bet is to go North.
I suspect there might be some Kiteable conditions on huge Kites (20M) at Bear Lake PM (because the wind
typically comes up light in the afternoon this time of year. I'd look for that on the Idaho side, or up near
Garden City, but it's still desperate. American Falls looks like the best choice for wind, but I don't know
how the lake lays. If it's conducive to West wind you'd probably get some PM 18-15M stuff up there.

Saturday (7/5) looking like a repeat of Friday, so if ya found wind someplace Friday, give it a go Saturday.

Sunday (7/6) There's a disturbance out there. it could make it in to generate some South wind at DC. American Falls,
Sulfur Creek, Grantsville, or it could just peter-out against the high and mighty pressure.

Good luck out there. Stay hydrated,

Craig Goudie
Sailing the high desert lakes of Utah on my:
150 Sumo, 8'6"RRD TT, 8'2"Cross M
with Sailworks/Naish Sails

Sailing the Gorge on my:
9'1"RRD Freeride, 7'9" Open Ocean Slasher, 8'0"Hitech
with Northwave Sails
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Re: Where to Ride 7/1-7/6

Postby John Dubock » Tue Jul 01, 2008 10:19 am

Thanks Craig for the long range forecast, anyone have thoughts on the wild side of Wyoming? Got to be cooler than Utah.
John Dubock
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Re: Where to Ride 7/1-7/6

Postby Jason Klein » Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:48 am

Thanks Craig, very much appreciated, and i think i speak for everyone here in saying that we are grateful for your ongoing posts on this subject.
Jason Klein
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Re: Where to Ride 7/1-7/6

Postby RickHeninger » Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:40 pm

Ok... I am SOOO jonesing for some good rides... I have had 4, no 5 sessions this year so far and 1 or 2 I really shouldn't count... I can't come up to Hood River this trip but will live vicariously, again. With tears in my eyes I will go to work and look out at the motionless trees... Pray for wind!

Have fun up there. I don't like hearing that news about your back Craig!
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Re: Where to Ride 7/1-7/6

Postby Emmanuel Pons » Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:59 am

RickHeninger wrote:Ok... I am SOOO jonesing for some good rides... I have had 4, no 5 sessions this year so far and 1 or 2 I really shouldn't count...

The plan for Friday is morning sesh at Grants. Afternoon at Sulphur. Josh thinks he is in.

Grants will be 5.4, Sulphur will be 4.7. Be there :)
Emmanuel Pons
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