Starboard Isonic 117 Carbon 2013

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Starboard Isonic 117 Carbon 2013

Postby Josh Shirley » Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:22 pm

Starboard Isonic 117 Carbon - era 2013

This is a really fast board.
Selling it to upgrade to the latest model.
Sail Range: 7.0 - 9.2m
I really like this board with my 7.8m and 8.6m sails.
Works especially well on Deer Creek / Sulphur Creek / Utah Lake.
Utah has more 8.0m days than 5.0m.......

Yes I have made a few repairs on the board.
All repairs have been made with carbon fiber.
It's current weight is right about the same as brand new.
I just can't match the paint job.

I can include a used fin of my choice.
If you want a nicer fin - we can work something out.

Board Bag:
The board bag is available for $75.



Volume: 117 liters
Length: 228 cm
Width: 80.5 cm
Construction: Carbon
Weight: 6.6kg
Fin Box: Deep Tuttle
Fin Range: 38 - 46cm

From the Starboard website:

The iSonics are Starboards slalom boards

The iSonics: fast racing machines designed for the highest top speeds, the highest average speeds, the quickest accelerations with powerful overtaking abilities throughout a wide wind range - maximum efficiency.

The range itself is designed around the PWAs three board format: a perfect quiver covering all conditions can be achieved by selecting one board most suitable from each of the iSonics three size-categories listed on the right.

The three smallest sizes are most narrow and shaped specifically for high wind conditions. The three middle sizes are compact designs for maximum performance across a wide wind range, particularly medium wind strengths. The three largest sizes are extra-wide designs emphasizing light wind performance.

Tiesda You, Starboard R&D:
Ever since their inception, the iSonics focus on achieving not just the highest top speeds but also the highest average speeds, the quickest accelerations, the most effective overtaking power, the most powerful jibing performance, all this across the widest range of conditions."

"This philosophy has created some design innovations such as the wide outline, the thin profile, the low-nose rocker, the wide-tail, the side-cuts, the double winger steps, the deep deck-concave and much more."

"Remi has led the development for the 2013 models, which includes new proportions for the 110 and 90 models. Across the range, he has also developed new open-angle cut-away shapes with heel extensions for less drag, more top-end speed and quicker acceleration, without loss of control or stability.
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