Event site and Hood River Sandbar

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Event site and Hood River Sandbar

Postby Marty Lowe » Wed Apr 18, 2007 7:58 pm

At the Uwa meeting the discussion about the Event site was touched on.
Some info I have found....

CGKA wrote:The official rules are as follows, and will be marked by two buoys put out by the Sherriff, and represented with signage at the event site, the spit, and the marina:

600 X 600 foot area in front of the Event site = NO KITEBOARDING and a 5 mph zone for windsurfers, ie no jibing etc.

Kiteboarders are asked to PLEASE DON'T pump kites or rig lines on the grass of the Event Site. BUT, when the water is low, it is OK for Kiteboarders to park at the Event Site and walk over the small stream to the sandbar and use the entire sandbar except the 600 X 600 ft. zone. We plan to have a big clean up party with the windsurfers to get rid of the nasty wood on the sandbar, details to be posted soon.

And a link to a photo of the sand bar and access.


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