Doug's Beach Parking Mods due to the train siding

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Doug's Beach Parking Mods due to the train siding

Postby Craig Goudie » Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:53 am

The subject came up at the opening social. For those of you
who know or care about the new Railroad siding that went in
at Doug's beach and the affected parking. Here's what I observed
2 weeks ago while I was there.

The construction is complete. The new siding runs from just
West of the opening in the fence to the tunnel. It looks like
parking is still available off the road on the West side, but it might
be pretty hairy backing in as the distance to the fence has been reduced
by about 8 feet. I suspect there will be parallel parking along that area.
Since the West side was about 1/2 the parking, and since you can back
in about 2.5 cars per 1 parallel parked car. The parking will drop by about 30%. That's better than 50%, and it means 30% less people
on the water, which works for me!

I think the bigger issue/impact will be that the trains will have to
slow considerably right before the opening path, so if it bugged
you to wait 2-3 minutes for a speeding train to go by, it's really going
to bug you when it takes 30 minutes.

Craig Goudie
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Postby RickHeninger » Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:45 am

So, Craig... What we have to convince them to do with that $200,000 that the railroad company has put in an account for improvements is make a tunnel underneath the railroad similar to Mosier that people can walk their rigs through... What if somebody is on the inside and has a heart attack and the train is going to take 30 minutes to pass... Some serious issues there... We can walk through the tunnel with gear... Or put a parking lot on the inside...
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